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Who Are We

Digital Shyna Educen excels by preparing students for there own leadership and success, applying knowledge and discoveries to address real-world, and improving the quality of life for our students. We are well known to our students as Python institutes near me with the guaranteed placements, Best Digital marketing institute with 100% placement and UI/UX institutes near me.

Our Mission

We connect to the students at the heart of all that we do, the division of student affairs creates innovative learning opportunities, We prepare the students to lead, serve and become engaged member of a global society.

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What We Do

We try to understand our students requirement and we also assist them to choose the platform based on there highest qualification. The courses are designed to help you with the essential disciplines. These certifications will raise your value in the marketplace and prepare you for a career in these platforms.

The great philosopher Plato said, “The beginning is the most important part of the work”. While one can reach heights of success with the very best efforts and hard work, it is the foundation of it all that binds everything together, and we at Digital Shyna Educen believe that even though we are just in our budding stage, our aim is to work right from the beginning to provide our clients with the best of what we have to offer.

With a mission to educate one and all, and a vision to be the best of the lot, Digital Shyna Educen’s carefully curated digital and technical programs and courses point students in the right direction to identify difficulties, strategies, techniques and ideas involved in companies and how to find out the best solution to a problem with the top-notch knowledge provided to them at Digital Shyna Educen. With our theoretical and practical offerings, students will not just learn how to analyze various issues, but will also excel in various fields that they pursue.

As the world continues outshining at a fast pace, we at Digital Shyna Educen ensure and make it our priority to get our students ready to keep up with the pace and nail each task that they take up. Digital Shyna Educen is not just an institute, it is a nurturing and shaping hub for all the young minds that will conquer the world with their brilliance.


While we may be new players in the field, we certainly have what it takes to prepare our clients for the world outside.


The Founder and the CEO of Digital Shyna Educen, Apoorva has achieved a lot of things in different platforms with over 9 years of experience. A fun-loving person, who loves to travel and go on long drives when not working, Apoorva’s motto in life is “Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.

Founder & Director

The Co-Partner of Digital Shyna Educen, Shravan is a Mechanical Engineer with a Master’s Degree from the UK. He loves to play around with technology, and is a keen fan of VFX and photography. He believes in delivering his work well in advance, something that he diligently follows.

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Dream big, get the skills from the high qualified faculties. Do the job. We emphasize hands-on training, career focused learning and a broad range of credentials with the promise of 100% guaranteed job placement.

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