2023’s Top Most 35 HTML Interview Question’s.​

For beginners, sometimes you’re in a 50 – 50 situations where the interviewer starts with challenging questions and gets your level. But he shall also start’s from Level-1, you have More opportunities to show your intelligence.

One day I was been to interview for a well reputed company, Let me just take you to that real time incident. “Which happened with me”. Right away when I have entered in Interview cabin.

During the interview, panelists gave a piece of paper and asked me to sign it.  The interviewer already have been responded to me with the saying, my signature was already on the personal information questionnaire. The panelist insisted me to sign it on the paper as well.


I signed on that blank paper like the following image.


What I did was, I signed on paper by folding it, so that his complete sign should not be present on that blank paper and he also did the same asked to him from the panelists. In order to determine whether the candidate is mentally present during the interview, he is only attempting to determine whether he is present mentally.

Why did the candidate sign the paper folded rather than unfolded?
Because, if you sign a white paper and get it taken by someone with good intentions or bad intentions, it can do you a lot of harm and the consequences will be even worse. He can write anything on this piece of paper and you signed it which means you endorsed it without knowing what was written on it.

POINT: Never ever sign on a blank paper. And the interviewer always wanted to check your Presence of mind