Being a huge fan of python! You guys might have waiting for this article so far So, Now let me take you guys to this article Now a days there are dozens of coding languages in wide used today, and for aspiring engineers as well Now it can be very difficult to you guys on where to start?

Being a founder, | personally believe that Python will be more better than PHP. Often programmers (developers and scientists) fall on python because it always holds minimum compilation time and speedier edit-test- debug cycle Indeed, there are many major reasons and also it helps you to write simple scripts at relatively faster rate compared to Java, C, C++

Let’s talk about carrier opportunities in python and also on how to get landed to your dream job:

* people generally always holds the question in there mind on whether they can take this course as a fresh graduate or an experienced IT professional?

Here is my Answer.

Its never ever too late to start learning python and get a significant boost in your career growth. Coding and programming are always the backbone of IT sector, Widening its usage in E-Commerce, banking and finance, healthcare, media and entertainment and many more other commercial enterprises.

So now, | literally bet you, you can’t able to deny the fact that everything around you today is programmed and involves strong thousands of lines of code that runs the system. According to my previous survey conducted in the India job market, it is anticipated that there will be more than a million vacancies in the sector.

Below I am giving you a table. so that you guys can able to cope up more better.


Now let me take you to the 20 tier MNC’S companies list, Here we go!

  1. Google
  2. Microsoft
  3. IBM
  4. Nasa
  5. Apple
  6. Instagram
  7. Facebook
  8. Quora
  9. Mozilla
  10. Twitter
  11. Amazon
  12. American Express
  13. Yahoo
  14. Qualcomm
  15. Pinterest
  16. Uber
  17. Intel
  18. Nokia
  19. Washington Post
  20. Sportify

Let’s take a view about the below mentioned firms that where exactly they uses the Python.

  1. Google:  Right from the beginning Python has always been a back bone to Google. Python is been recognized the official language of the google, It is one of the key languages at Google today, Some of the key Python contributors are googlers and they continue to use, promote, anc support the language actively. *| am not so sure that how far you guys are aware with this point. The designer and creator of Python, Guido Van Rossum was employed by Google when he left his employment for DropBox * Most of the core search algorithms at Google has been written in Python only. * Google App Engine: Python was the language of Google App Engine was originally designed for Google App Engine this is an eminent sample of Python-written application, It allows building to build web applications with python language, with the using of python rich collection of libraries. tools and frameworks. * Youtube : Youtube is a big user of python, the entire site uses python for different purposes: like. view video, control templates for website administer video, access to canonical data, and many more. Python is everywhere at Youtube.
  2. Microsoft : If Google has a Python class, then how come Microsoft can be left behind? Python has been an important piece of Microsoft’s future in the cloud, being one of the essential languages for services and teams of support, as well as the most popular choice for the rapidly growing field of Data science and analytics both inside and outside of the company. * In 2010, pythonistas were airing on under the radar, Over the last eight years, the change has been dramatic. Many Microsoft products now include Python support, today, Python is one of the essential languages for services in teams to support * Recently Steve Dower wrote in one of most of the important tools are written in python, The Microsoft engineering team will attend the various Python conferences each year, to show and to talk about their tools
  3. IBM : Software at IBM comes not only from internal development but also from acquired companies. IBM uses Python in its big data and analytics tool, Known as IBM Watson. Also, the webserver that can be deployed in IBM Bluemix a cloud as a service platform by IBM is written in Python. There are en-number of software labs and teams, and each team selects their language or languages * A lot of legacy code at IBM is written in Python or in C. However Python tends to be the preferred language for their new projects, especially since IBM have been very strong backer of that language and has developed its own run time engine. Python and perl are used by many teams in the development environment or infrastructure.
  4. NASA : The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s and the official website is the place to find the news, pictures and videos about their ongoing space exploration NASA ultimately uses extensively and * However, It’s certain they’ve to deploy a diverse programming language for their projects. Here Python plays a very unique role in NASA came from one of the NASA’s main shuttle support contractor, United Space Alliance (USA). Internal sources within the critical project added that: “Python allows them to tackle the complexity of programs like the WAS without getting bogged down in the language” * On top of that, another indication NASA utilizes Python for their projects can be found from their mega that they have opened crystal clear. You can also find numerous projects that are written in Python on the above page. The projects range from research related to stars, planets, atmosphere, aeronautics, remote sensing and GIS.
  5. Apple : I am sure you guys left in surprised right-now. lam | right? But yes, all the mobile applications are created with Python. All the IOS apps are built with Python.
  6. Instagram : We all know that Instagram is a place to share your life in pictures. The Instagram complete website is built in the Python language and allows users to browse. In 2015, the Instagram engineering team explored that they are running the world’s largest deployment of the Django web framework and its completely been written in Python. * Recently the team moved to Python 3 and let’s say Instagram is just great example for gigantic tech company using Python language with Django (Python’s framework). The main reason for Instagram why choose Python is first for Its popularity of the language, Speed of development, Developers love it.
  7. Facebook : In 2016 from the Facebook engineers team predicted that the Python has been there 24 most favorite language at the company, behind C++. Facebook uses Python for a big portion of their technology infrastructure. Python helps them to handle millions of pic uploads, Posts and status updates. * Even facebook recently bumped in to Python 3, Facebooks scale pushes Pythons performance to its limits. The codebase features various models and libraries (Twisted, Gevent, Futures, AsynclO, amnd many others). All parts and new projects use Python 3 unless python 2 support is absolutely necessary. Currently, 25 percent of the Python services in production are running in Python 3.
  8. Quora : This is a portal where you get your answers. Mstr. Charlie Cheever, who is one of the founder in Quora, has narrated down to Python and scala. According to Adam D;Angelo, they decided not to go with C# because it’s a proprietary Microsoft language and they didn’t want to be holden to any future changes put out. Additionally, any open source code had second-class support at best. * Firstly, Quora engineering team used java but it was bit Messy to write than they have started using Python and it dint play as nicely with non- java programs as Python did. Instead, the founders of Quora took their lead from Google, choosing to use Python where they could because of its ease of writing and readability. Another key consideration for using Python was the existence of several good frameworks at the time including Django and Pylons. Additionally, because they knew that Quora was going to involve server/client interactions that wouldn’t necessarily be full page loads, having Python.
  9. Mozilla : Mozilla already explains us how they are using Python to “built system, Cl Configuration, test harness, command line tooling and countless other scripts, tools are Github projects are all handled by Python.” Because of this Mozilla developers uses everyday to build anything else needs Python to hook into the larger Organization! * Mike Droettboom (Staff Data Engineer in Mozilla) in a blog post, explored that Mozilla today detailed in Pyodide, an experimental Python project which has been designed to perform computation without the need for a remote kernel (a program that runs and inspects code.) People generally thinks that Pyodide is a novel but noop its not exactly. Projects like Transcrypt, Skulpt and PyPyJs are among several efforts to bring Python to browsers, it doesn’t required to rewrite a popular scientific computing tools like Panda, Numpy, Scipy and Matplotlib.
  10. Twitter: Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages. Twitter is also known as Social Media site for Robots. The team uses Python for Posting the tweets without even opening the Website. There are the Python Libraries which is used for accessing the Python API, which is known as tweepy. * The library provides a pure Python interface for the Twitter API. It works with Python 2.7 and also Python 3. You can also download the latest python-twitter library from
  11. Amazon : Amazon is the another big player that involved python language in it’s product. The company gives its freedom to their developer to choose any language, So mainly developers uses Python or ruby for scripting side. Amazon analyzes their buying habits and search patterns. That’s possible due to their Python machine learning engine which interacts with company’s * The choice fell on Python language due to the fact it’s popularity and has lots of features for Big Data. Moreover, Python is scalable and portable that’s a big plus for the kind of solution Amazon strived to create. So, Amazon uses Python because it’s popular, Scalable and appropriate for dealing. Amazon also has a lot of SQL databases, SQL is also used a lot in Amazon.
  12. American Express : American Express You can use python for scripting That’s almost as broad as. web and app development, etc… it’s a really very versatile language and has a syntax that is easier to learn than lots of other languages like Java and C#. Python app development has proven to be perfectly adaptable to many different purposes and has gained popularity among developers.
  13. Yahoo : Yahoo acquired Four11, whose address and mapping lookup services were implemented in Python. Yahoo Maps still uses Python today, as can be seen by examining its URLs. A comprehensive public archive of Internet mailing lists that was originally implemented in pure Python. but it still holds some powerful tools. Yahoo’s map program runs on Python as well as many of its other programs. * It still holds some powerful tools. Yahoos map program runs on Python as well as many of its other programs. Yahoo acquired Fourl1, whose address and mapping A comprehensive public archive of Internet mailing lists that was originally implemented in pure Python.
  14. Qualcomm : Qualcomm is an American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company that designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services. Beginners workshop designed to familiarize students with the Python scripting language. the OpenCv (Open source Computer Vision) library, the linux operating system and the DragonBoard 410c development kit. * This project uses Python code to explore image and video processing and design a home automation solution. You create a small python program which utilizes a USB webcam for a variety of applications. These include: taking a picture, saving a picture, displaying a live video feed from the webcam and performing facial recognition.
  15. Pinterest : Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that allows users to showcase their interests through the posting of pictures. You can find a lot of information in the form of images, posters, info-graphics, etc to be precise; these are the main contents of To manage the content of this volume Pinterest relies on Python. They use python for speec-of-cevelopment early-on — and, frankly, because it was what we knew best. Will take a pretty practical approach to language-choice at Pinterest. Were generally just looking for the best tool for the job, while balancing stack-complexity.
  16. Uber : When it comes to uber, generally people thinks that java is used for development. But no Uber engineers primarily write in Python, and Java. They started writing in two languages for the Marketplace team and Python for everyone else. Till the date the Python is the first language still power most services running at Uber today. * Navigate to the example folder to access the python example apps. Before you can run an example, you must edit the example/config.’.yaml file and add your app credentials from the Uber developer dashboard. To get an understanding of how the sdk can be use in an example app see the flask examples for rider and driver dashboards: $ pip install flask $ python example/rider_dashboard py $ python example/driver_dashboard py
  17. Intel : Intel Distribution for Python provides accelerated performance for numerical computing and data science on intel architectures. With the distribution, math and statistical packages such as Numpy, Scipy and scikit-learn are linked with Intels’ performance libraries. * Here one thing, | just wanted me to tell you guys, is the Python 2 end- of-life date is going to end by this 2020, Only the intel Python 3 distribution is made is going to be available.
  18. Nokia : Nokia is using Python to provide High-level Programming environment for their S60 (Symbain) and Maemo (linux) platform. Many of you might have not aware with this in 2006 we use have a Snake game in our Nokia Phones which is 0 to 100 (Completely) written in Python Nokia to Release Python for S60 Source Code to Open-Source Software Developer Community Availability of Python for S60 source code via to enable broader contribution to advancement of open-source mobile solutions and applications for leading smartphone platform.
  19. Washington Post : The Washington Posts website is a hugely popular online news source to accompany their daily paper. Its’ huge amount of views and traffic can be easily handled by the Django web framework. 
  20. Spotify: Sportity is an application that allows you to find, music where you can share and listen for free with the option of free ad based subscription or a ad free paid subscription, it gives you the access to the music you want. Here Sportify basically trusts very blindly on Python and applies it in its Back-end services, as well as for data analysis purpose. The company claims the speed of development is one of the main priorities for them.

* Thats the reason why Sportify use Python to build it’s music streaming service- It just ultimately meets their development speed expectation and also about the way how fast development pipeline is when writing and coding in Python. If you’ve ever used Spotify, you should have know that the results are really great.

Closure: So, yes, that’s how makes top 20 tier companies that uses Python in production. Without taking your more time | am just closing the conclusion part very quickly.

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