How Python Programming Is Making an Impact on Big Data.

Python programming language is created by Guido van Rossum as a hobby project back in the late 1980s. Python has come a long way since it’s origins as a small hobby project and is now the fastest-growing programming language in the world. There are several reasons why python programming is growing so. rapidly. The language is considered very concise and flexible, which makes it one of the easier programming languages to learn. Python has also been widely adopted in Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Machine Learning (ML), two areas of computing have boomed in recent year

Why Python?

python programming uses a simple object-oriented approach to programming, uses concise syntax that’s easy to learn, and is lightweight and efficient. These properties make Python great for rapidly building highly responsive applications and handling large sets of data with relative ease. This is why python programming has become extremely popular in , where huge stacks of data essential.

How Businesses Are Using Python

Businesses are now using python programming for collection, analysis and reporting, as they expand their Data Science efforts. Data Science is a huge part of business today because learning how to interpret data correctly can lead to invaluable insights and influence the business’ future goals. As a relatively new industry, businesses can struggle to find skilled professionals that can add value to their business. However, this is where the nature of Python excels. python programming is extremely accessible to programmers, engineers, and other mathematically minded people due to its simple syntax and easy to understand rules. This means businesses can invest in their employees by training them in Python, rather than being forced to hire from outside the company.

Python programming is popular in Data Science for much the same reasons. With such a large community of programmers, a vast library and framework options, and a consistent and easy to learn language, Python is often considered the best fit. ML problems can be complex, so having a clean and simple programming language removes a considerable hurdle to efficiently building Al applications

The Age of Python

Python has started to dominate the programming community as the community and the world at large sinks itself into advancing We are in the age of Al, and is a major player in this age. Programmer question and answer website, Stack Overflow, is inundated with questions around Python and its libraries in a way we haven’t seen in the past. The amount of Python libraries continues to grow at a rapid rate even though some of the popular ones, like Pandas, are the go-to option for many programmers. As the demand for Python machine learning and Data Science applications grows, as does the demand for Python programmers. 

This is why so many programmers are choosing to focus their learning in this area. Investing in for employees can greatly benefit businesses, granting them lots of exciting possibilities for the future.

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