How to become a zero to hero in Digital Marketing!


Digital marketing is One of the best key focuses in the beginning of was in 1971, where Ray Tomlin son sent the absolute first email and his innovation set the stage to permit, and it is a part of marketing which uses to help in digital platforms such as social media which can be accessible through computers mobiles and digital equipment’s. Marketing is generally used to promote products and services for a particular company. In olden days the promotion of product and services are done in offline pattern and as the days are passing. We started getting into the digital world and upgraded technologies, companies have also started there services and products on online platforms thus it helps them to reach millions of people. companies want to make money by selling there products and services to people, in this process of selling from start-ups to top MNC’S started to follow different types of tools and operations as there part of business in which few of them we have analyzed are listed below.


Let’s see the complete Info that takes you from ZERO to HERO.


What do u understand by social media marketing ?

Marketing is nothing but selling a product or service on social media platform is called social media marketing. Which helps you to get connected with millions of people, increases your sales level, Branding by publishing useful content of the product or service on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter, youtube, tik-tok, and video Sharing etc, it also helps business to listen to their crowd and understand there views about the products, and track there feedback and run social advertisements.


The optimization part of SEO comprises a series of steps that you can take to rank higher on Google and thus get free organic traffic. It is the most professional way to grow your business in this heavy completion market place with thousands of business along with you in the same box. So what makes you unique from others and how you defines yourself and your products that can take you to next level as a business. As a professional you will be able to bit on the keywords which people use this in there searches in Google or any search platforms and create paid


Since the beginning of the internet era Email Marketing was the first business strategy used by the corporate’s . It is also an another form of making business with the help of email to promote products or services. But email marketing definition is the use of email to develop relationships and connections with potential customers or clients. Sending information regarding a product or services to a client, the best example of this pamphlet’s, brochures over the mail.


Its just old wine in a new bottle. The core of marketing is the same only the medium has changed. It is the most efficient way to reach your business whatever the targets you set (people, locations, operating systems android or ios). The average of 80% of people use smartphones of different systems. And with the growth of present day technology example lets take whatsapp etc. we can show the product right on there screens and make them to buy or to make them your clients. 


Content is the digital material available to users via text, video, audio, images etc and is delivered to visitors, leads, customers as well as the promoters of a brand through blogs, e-mails, social media, website pages etc. Since a few years, top brands have been using digital marketing to reach out to their clients and are collaborating with content writers to promote their products and services. It is also a high defined strategy program to provide relevant, valuable and consistent information or data. And to drive traffic to a website retain the audience and to make the business a profitable one.


Influencers are not necessarily famous celebrities, they can be individuals who have their own voice & opinions and want to make an impact on allover the world. Consumers now want to listen to and look upto people who they can relate to. In my opinion, influencers these days know their target audience really well & know what they want to listen to and how to engage them in the best way possible. 

In this process the product of any company let it be a beauty product, health, information related product. The owner of the company tie ups with anyone who is popular and says him to promote his product, here he is using the fame of the person and making his product sale in market and thus he is making his sales need and hitting his needs for the business.


Affiliate Marketing is an online business model, more precisely a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. 

It doesn’t require any product purchasing or support, it neither has country restrictions or age restrictions and most importantly IT HAS ZERO COSTS TO START. 

In most cases, advertisers also supply a cookie that will last for a predetermined amount of time (30, 45, or 60 days are generally common) in order to appropriately recognize sales that came from the publishers referral, but didn’t necessarily convert right away. This happens somewhat frequently as buyers will often look at different touch points before actually making a purchase, whether that’s reviews, social media, or even checking out other offers that they may be interested in


This process helps in the ranking of the website and the chances to show the website on the google’s serp’s golden four place. In this there are two processes

  • on page optimization
  • off page optimization

On Page SEO: This the process of building the content, keywords, website audit, website speed. And some other parameters which goes in it and helps the website to perform well and get the results.

Off Page SEO: This process helps us to high-quality links to redirect the audiences to different pages of related information, articles submissions, directory submissions, and some of the others process to perform.


| am sure you must have seeing that now a days people are paying lot more attention on local search marketing from last few years. It ‘ill continue being important in upcoming decades as local businesses realize the value of being found by local customers.

To get start with the local search marketing, Through Google my business You will able to have your listing turn up the second when someone does the google search based on the user’s keywords. This includes your business appearing on Google Maps.

And do not forget how important online reviews are, As well as your social reputation You have to inspire your in students/customers to write positive and honest reviews . especially on the Places like yelp. social media, Whatever the conversations and the postings you do, that should be purely targeted content which helps you to utilize in Inbond Marketing. Because inbond techniques attract your customers to you rather then you seeking them.


Basically 92% of Small Businesses lose their money every month because they ignore Marketing Automation. As you might have seen, That marketing automation is an important element in a lot of digital marketing techniques. Knowing more about it, Should become you the more priority as it stands for the businesses around the globe. 

91% of successful businesses are saying that automation is very very important to their success. You can exactly get the vision of what is the present and future marketing is. To get the success in this, try looking for a CRM platform it helps you to integrate your marketing all in one place rather then using different sources


If you’ve already created a landing page as part of your digital marketing campaign, are you sure that the prospects whoever visited before are going to come back again?

I am pretty sure this is the question that should become the central core of your digital marketing efforts. All marketing experts reiterate how landing page traffic is the nucleus of successful inbond marketing 

The problem is with your landing page perhaps isn’t very enticing at the moment. Solving this comes down to web design, including where you place your Call to Action and advertising. 

It goes beyond what you place on your website, though. You’ll want to invest in PPC advertising (pay-per-click) to place ads for your site on related digital channels. 

Plus, pay attention to the “above vs. below the fold” debates. Kissmetrics once noted that CTA placement depends on the length of your landing page. A shorter page means you should place the CTA above the folder.


In this 2020 I have seen lot more people from rural India come online than ever before. And this could make the internet population almost double in a short span.

Over the past few years of time the growth of marketing has grown to a magnificent level and the contribution of digital marketing media to the market made it a rapid change in business. As this is the age of digital are people of different ages groups genders are all a major part of this growth. More then 20 lakhs job are expected by the end of 2020. 

As it is also said by the reports of IMRB (India Market Research Bureau) as the present online advertising media has grown up-to 30% year by years.

According to the reports 9 out of 10 of internet users are using internet in there mobiles, and by the year of 2021 there are more then 59% of people use internet as there daily basic, and 79% will be able to access internet on there smart phones. 

The growth of market is really going high as per the reports and the scope of Digital Marketing is also going to hit the sky’s. As indicated by an ongoing overview, the developing level of India’s Digital Advertising Industry is at 33.5 and by 2021 its worth will surpass the INR 255 Billion imprints. Once you are mentally prepared on freelancing and you have relevant knowledge you can ultimately be a freelancer in Digital Marketing. Freelancer is a term where a person starts holding his own projects and self- employed who offers his services to multiple corporate. However, we can say that it is a very big field in which we can rise to our dreams.

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