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Playing a role of CEO, | usually come across daily with this question from the students. So today | have decided to write an article on python programming this with the hope to help you out.

First thing is to do is not to spend any time thinking on how will you do it. So. Ya, of-course you can learn python programming without having any knowledge on programming language. Because not all of us are born geeks, The scripts in python is an human readable format, So of-course it’s going to be very easy to understand and learn python

According to me only learning might not give you the complete knowledge in-fact your actual knowledge is that when you start work on the projects you will be facing challenges to solve. As | believe in this that is what DIGITAL SHYNA EDUCEN provides internship to our students.

So, now let’s clear up the first general misconception right away. As it does relate to this article and to learning. So, actually learning python programming is not like cracking your IAS or IPS exams and you really no not to be as nerdy. Because python programming is not just a programming language.

Python programming is a ultimately like an INTERNET GEMSTONE and a considerable DIAMOND where as programming in numerous other statically types. Language is like a discipline, as you guys must have know that python has a very large user contributed internet resource. Now overall | must say learning python would be quite overwhelming even if you are a complete beginner.

Here is the simple methodology that you learn python very easily. Being in to honest, today many of them are not that interested in reading books and also, its quite expensive. So what work for you taking up the course with hands-on training which gives you the vast courage so that you can also learn all the advanced stuff.


  • Dive into Python

  • Think python

  • Python cook book

  • A byte of Python

  • Python 3.0


Its quite broad question. Well, | just explain you in the best way. | will not dive you much into theoretical part. Instead of that | will directly take you into the topic right away.

Python is that language where we almost use it in every level application development like GUI based Desktop applications, App development, Web development, Back-end development, Game development, Enterprise and business applications, Data Science/Analysis, Mobile development and finance. Because of its versatility and support of multiple programming paradigms so python has become quite popular for a wide variety of uses. it has definitely become one of the more popular and useful programming languages around, and a worthwhile skill for any software developer, engineer, data scientist, etc.

About GUI:  A GUI is nothing but General User Interface, A PySimple GUI arrived on the python GUlin July 2018. It’s completely unique among the GUI framworks which you will find in python.

Let’s take a look on few ways of its uniqueness from all other python GUI solutions!

  • It Wraps multiple GUI frameforks, Presenting a single pysimple GUI SDK
  • It runs on tkinter, QT, Wxpython and remi (web browser based). You can rapidly move between the supported platform by changing 1 line of code.
  • Its quite easy, even a complete beginner who took 1 month of training can able to do a programming with the GUI

App development : Python programming is one of the few languages that are not native to the Java world and yet can be used ta develop apps easily for the android platform. Kivy is an open source in python libraries which we use to applications windows, linux, MacOS, Android and IOS.

Web Development: Undoubtedly, many big corporates are using python programming for web development Lets take a look on some of the companies. Like Instagram, Google, Netflix, Uber etc.

INSTAGRAM: As, we all of us knew Instagram is world’s biggest online photo and videos sharing social network service. World’s largest Deployment of the Django and frameworks, which has been written over all in python.

GOOGLE: As google is founded in 1998 and its most widely used search engine in the world with allover . Longtime Google engineer, Alex Martelli, explained in their tech stack

NETFLIX: It is the world’s leading Indian television network where 32 million member peoples are enjoying with more than one billion hours of tv shows and the movies per month. Netflix developers turn to Python due to its rich batteries-included standard library, succinct and clean yet expressive syntax, large developer community is using python

UBER: Uber, the ridesharing service, completes over 15 million trips daily. According to uber engineers they said primarily they will be writing in python. They use mainly two languages: Node js for there marketplace team, and python for everyone else.

BACKEND DEVELOPMENT: So when it comes to the back-end development, Obviously python would be our first option But it also depends on how-much resource you wanna use it. Here i will give you some details. Pros and cons that we usually use


Easy to use: Development in python is really easy no matter where you use. You need not be worried about all the things that you need in other languages particularly variable types or casting, so now in this case python would be your first choice.

Cost efficient: Here i am not talking about money minded. Python in widely known for being developer friendly and ‘batteries included’ package. Considering the vastness of python in libraries, as it considerably less time to build something in python programming than in any other languages.

Now let’s come down for Cons.


Time cansuming: Now you may thinking that What the hell I’m talking? First | said it takes less time to use python than any other language and now i go up and saying that it is time consuming? Huh. But its true, Although for small programmers it doesn’t matter but if you are building something as large as framework speed does matter here ruby an rails perform more faster than Django.

Graphic support: pretty much the same things happens here, despite the vast amount of libraries the graphic support is going to be pretty poor. But if you want the back-end of some 3d-game to run on python believe me rendering would inhale. Same goes for the graphics application.

So now, | just wanna conclude by saying that which language to use always and coming down to the fact what would be the the first preference of developers are most importantly friendliness.

GAME DEVELOPMENT: Game development in python is a pretty easier task than doing the same in java or C++. Python has there own libraries like twinter, Pygame and PyopenGl which helps us a lot in this process. Pygame library of python is completely dedicated for game development and you should initially explore its GUI related things. You should try the model 3D using 2D graphics and make simple games using images and simple exposition. After that when you come up with a logic of 3D game, you should learn PyOpenGL because it’s one of the most awesome libraries for 3D.

Now let’s see some game apps that made using python.



This are made by using python in UE4 (Unreal engine) so, it’s all about up-to you and your requirements. But first you should know how to make a game in unity. But as PUBG and Fortnite are made on it and many more, Its amazing.


Now let’s talk about enterprise recently my employer asked me why people say python is not good to enterprise the applications? My answer to her was, no its completely wrong because it completely depends on the exact domain of the project. For automated task or web services python is a great choice. As even Jacob Barhak said in his answer.

However, | think when people say that Python isn’t a good choice for enterprise application, they’re speaking about other domain: They mean projects that will very likely be big, need some strongness.

Coming to the business applications the features that include special libraries, extensibility, scalability and easily readable syntax, Python is a suitable coding language for customizing larger applications. Reddit, which was originally written in Common Lips, was rewritten in Python in 2005. Python also contributed in a large part to functionality in YouTube. 

DATA-SCIENCE/ANALYSIS : As python is the pretty much popular language used for Data science and Data Analysis.

Python for data science requires data scientists to learn the usage of regular expressions, get working with the scientific libraries and master the data visualization concepts. With completely different purposes, pragrammers or professionals who are not knowledgeable about web programming concepts with Python language can easily go ahead and pursue data science in Python programming language without any difficulty.

  • In 2016, it overtook R on Kaggle, the premier platform for data science competitions.
  • In 2017, it overtook R on KDNuggets’s annual poll of data scientist’s most used tools.
  • In 2018, 66% of data scientists reported using python daily, making it their number one tool for analytics professionals. . The good news? That number is only expected to increase. The experts at IBM predicted a 28% increase in demand for data scientists by the year 2020.

Currently, we have 16,454 vacancies at this point. According to Indeed, the average salary for a Data Scientist is $127,918. 

So, here you can see how the future is going to be bright for data science, and python is just piece of the proverbial pie… 

Data Analysis is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modeling data, to get useful information from the dataset So this was about why Python is used for data-analysis.

Now let me walk you through the various steps of data analysis and show you how Python helps

We need to understand what form does a data take. Assume data as a very huge Excel sheet with a large number of rows and columns (in lakhs). What do you do with this? We derive insights by performing some operations and searching for a particular type of data in each column and row. Performing such high computational tasks can be cumbersome and extremely time consuming. Hence Python provides libraries like Numpy and Pandas which eases this task by use of parallel processing.

The stage of analysis is pictographic representation or visualization of the data. Seeing so many numbers all over screen might turn out to be a big headache sometimes and difficult to derive insights. The only way of doing this is represent the data in the form of figures like bar graphs, histogram, pie-charts. Python has libraries for this too. For this we use libraries like Matplotlib and Seaborn.

Cleaning and preparing data in Python, working with numpy and pandas extensively with each and every minute details, working on real-world datasets and doing hands-on experiments, data structures used in numpy and pandas, merging data-frames, pivot tables, Data visualization using matplotlib, etc.

It is the process of systematically applying statistical and/or logical techniques to describe and illustrate, condense and recap, and evaluate dataStandard Definition.

MOBILE DEVLOPMENT AND FINANCE: Python is used for the development of mobile applications. The programmers can develop apps with Python and the increased number of smartphone users and the high demand of mobile apps have given rise to the use of Python for mobile app development. In recent years, Python has evolved massively to become a topnotch choice of the market for mobile app development. 

Kivy is the most favorite framework for Python for developing mobile applications. The framework has made the process of making the process of mobile app development very quick and convenient. It has taken a center stage since its inception for all the valid reasons. Kivy, an open-source Python library is just the perfect thing that the developers need to develop apps. quickly. It has a very natural and free-flowing kind of a user interface. Though, every developer will have to try and use Kivy just to understand it better.

In the coming years, it is believed that the investment in the field of Artificial intelligence will grow significantly, probably by 300%. With the help of high-end analytics, the app developers will be able to design topnatch mobile applications that are a fit for the modern generation.

Finance: Python is often used as a core language for financial projects. The financial sphere is quite big and consists of various areas. In turn, each area can benefit from using this language Let’s consider those areas more closely. Python in financial industry is mainly used for quantitative and qualitative analysis. Stock market analysis, predictions, deep learning and machine learning on stocks are mainly done using python.

Banking software: This area covers both payment solutions and online banking solutions. Python is a good choice for these areas due to its math syntax opening more space for flexibility in terms of calculations and other math-related tasks. This language is often used to write software for ATMs and enhance payment processingTrading Again, stock markets require a lot of analysis and Python can handle it better than others. With the help of this language, developers can define the winning trading strategies and get useful tips related to the future conditions of one or another market. To create the software with such capabilities can be used not only Python but Django framework based on Python.

The live example of Python capabilities is a well-known service called Venmo that was built using this programming language. It’s is a social network and platform for transferring money in one. Nowadays, the platform is rather a full-featured payment system with a bunch of social media features To implement payment services developers used Django framework.

  • IMPORTANCE OF PYTHON: Let me just complete it in one word. Because being very honest | really don’t wanna take more time of you guys. Python always has a dynamite versatility.
  • Python is scalable and big companies have already started to use it. Google/Facebook/Linkedin/NASA/Pinterest/Quora/Instagram/Torrentz/Dropbox/BitBucket/Disqus/Upwork and Countless Startups 
  • Last but not the least- So, let me go some crazy, Once you start learning Python, you will fall in love with it and | bet he/she will not cheat/dump you and probably you would end up getting married with him/her.


Learning python is easy and at the same time a never-ending process. The more you dig deeper, the more you come across the hidden aspects of the language.

To really make an impact, you need to build a rigid foundation. DIGITAL SHYNA EDUCEN is the is the leading institute in Hyderabad. | believe that everyone with an digital shyna institute will have the great story to share with others. Digital shyna provides the 100% assured placement and also the hand on training with the industry guru’s. Python is going to be for the both beginners and experienced programmers as it is very simple and has huge exposure in leading companies like Google, Pinterest, Nokia, Instagram, Uber, IBM, Disney, yahoo etc.,


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