Top 10 Reasons why you should learn Python.

What is Django?

Django is one of the most popular web frameworks of Python. The framework is clear and simple, fast and reliable, flexible and scalable. Django has a huge loyal contributing community and this framework helps you to get your job done with fewer lines of code. The best part is it’s free and open source to learn python.

Why large Companies are using Django?

A lot of companies working on different kinds of applications and dealing with millions of users expect a fast and dynamic website. The choice of programming languages and frameworks is very huge in the market but choosing the best one thatfulfills most of the requirements can be a tough task for the companies.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest Django players on the market that have made good use of this technology, and see how it’s helped them grow and evolve.

  1. Instagram: This Python-based photo and video-sharing social networking application is crazy popular, and it needs to process huge amounts of data and manage an even greater number of interactions between users every single second. The Django framework helps Instagram deal with all of this in perfect way with its three core principles: keep it simple, don’t reinvent the wheel, and go with proven and solid technologies Min Ni, a software engineer at Instagram says : “We initially chose to use Python because of its reputation for simplicity and practicality, which aligns well with our philosophy of ‘do the simple thing first”.
  2. Spotify: It is a well known fact that Spotify has revolutionized the way people listen to music, making its wide library accessible to everyone on any device. To make that possible, Spotify bet on Python for both backend services and machine learning. And in order to make the most of this programming language, they also combined it with the Django framework. The reason that the services are written in Python is because Spotify likes how fast the development pipeline is when writing and coding in Python. The most recent updates to Spotify’s architecture have all been using event, which provides a fast event loop with a high-level synchronous API.
  3. YouTube: I think there’s no need to introduce this website. Originally it was a PHP-based project, but the constant need to improve its performance and add new functionalities forced YouTube to turn to Python as well. As new features and upgrades need to be implemented in the least time-consuming and most effortless manner possible, Django is a big help to the YouTube team of developers, allowing them to act quickly and flawlessly. They used this framework to implement new features and to maintain the speed of the website.
  4. Disqus: This is one of the largest Django projects. The website allows you to implement comments and discussion options on your site. The Python developers behind it were able to find a way to build the app from scratch using Django. The community has reached nearly 500 M unique visitors every month across 191 countries with more than 17 M monthly page views.The website handles more than 50 M comments per month. It’s a Django framework running behind the scene that helped Disqus to scale their application for handling millions of users and for better performance as well. Disqus team also used this framework to build an internal tool Sentry for error reporting, debugging, and fixing app crashes. Today, Sentry is pretty popular among developers and it has become an open-source software used by 30,000+ organizations including Instagram, Reddit, Doordash, Datadog, and Prezi.
  5. Reddit: Reddit was originally coded in Lisp, but in December of 2005, six months after its launch, the site was recoded into Python. The primary reason for the change was that Python had a wider range of code libraries and was more flexible for developers. The web framework that originally ran the site, web.py, is now an open-source project.

    According to Huffman, the first reason for the change is :
    “There’s a library for everything. We’ve been learning a lot of these technologies and a lot of these architectures as we go. And, so, when i don’t understand connection pools, I can just find a library until i understand it better myself and write our own. Don’t understand web frameworks, so we’ll use someone else’s until we make our own…Python has an awesome crutch like that.”

    The second reason for Reddit staying with Python is :
    “When we hire new employees, I don’t think we’ve yet hired an employee who knew Python. I just say, ‘everything you write needs to be in Python’ Just so I can read it. And it’s awesome because I can see from across the room, looking at their screen, whether their code is good or bad. Because good Python code has a very obvious structure. And that makes my life so much easier. It’s extremely expressive, extremely readable, and extremely writable. And that just keeps life smooth”

  6. DropBox: Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services for documents, videos, pictures, and so on. The application allows its users to access the files anywhere, anytime and from any device. From the start, Dropbox has been using Python as the main technology in its tech stack and the company also hired the man Guido van Rossum who created Python. The team was able to develop the product relatively fast using Python for both the server and the desktop client software. Dropbox developers choose Django to add the user history option, synchronize an account across different devices, and to add various types of file-sharing options.
  7. Mozilla: Mozilla is the second most popular browser in the world so there is no need to say how many people use it. Mozilla has to handle tremendous traffic. Initially, Php and CakePHP was the core technology stack for Mozilla but later when numbers of users started increasing the platform grew and it had to deal with millions of searches daily. To manage high traffic and to improve efficiency the team had to adopt new technology. So the team decided to move on to Python+Django. They got the benefit of it and the platform becomes much more capable to handle hundreds of millions of views per month, and even more API hits per day. Not all of its components are written in Python, but all the new ones are. the support site and the add-ons are built with Django. After switching from PHP to Python, it became much more capable of dealing with hundreds of millions of views per month, and even more API hits per day.
  8. Pinterest: Pinterest is another popular social media platform that allows it’s users to find ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration. Pinterest has 250 M monthly active users so the website has to deal with a heavy traffic. To ensure excellent performance the website uses Django. Django provides the ability to scale effectively without affecting its speed. It’s Django behind the scene that helped developers to manage the website, allowing it’s users to follow each other and share boards and pins.
  9. Prezi: Prezi is a beautifully designed web-based presentation software — a pretty powerful alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. It features a map-like overview with zoom-in/zoom-out options instead of the classic slide-based format But the most interesting part of this project is that they stuck with Django from the very beginning. Why? The answer is simple. They wanted to be able to scale seamlessly, and in the most effective way — both in terms of time and costs. And it worked well.Now Prezi has exceeded 100 M users worldwide, who have created 325 M presentations, that have been viewed over 3.5 B times.
  10. BitBucket: Today Github and Bitbucket are quite popular in the market for hosting your repository online. Bitbucket is a cloud-based Git repository hosting service that was launched in 2008. this platform handles a heavy load of users with 17 M requests and 6 M repositories in a year. The core technology behind this platform is Django. Bitbucket uses Django for several reasons. The first one is the thousands of wide and vibrant community of developers. The second reason is Django offers a lot of ready-to-implement solutions that save a lot of time for developers. This way, they don’t have to worry about building every single feature from scratch.and can focus on feature development instead The list doesn’t end here. There are still some popular websites using Django in their tech stack and got the benefit of using this framework. Some other popular websites are NASA, National Geographic, Quora, The Onion, Udemy, Robinhood and many more are out there.

Why you should learn python (Django)?

Django is a really powerful python web framework in creating really dynamic , scalable and secure websites with a lot of tools already built in , in fact in my point of view it is the best . It has built in auth modules , a great build in Admin interfaces , a big developer community which helps you out whenever you get stuck at any place , A charming way to work with databases and forms , great tools for building rest apis alot more , I just named a few . So it would be a great pack to learn Django as you learn a Good Framework and moreover your python knowledge can be used in Al and ML technologies . Would u like to start with us: Dream big, get the skills from the highly qualified faculties. Do the job. We emphasize hands-on training, career-focused learning and a broad range of credentials with the promise of 100% placement. We offer a range of industry focused courses. We do also give the practical skills to pursue your goals.

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